Join Our Team!

We're a young multidisciplinary lab excited for energetic scientists from all walks of science (chemical biology, cell and molecular biology, organic synthesis, computational biology, biophysics, etc.) to join our team!

As part of an interdisciplinary research program, trainees will tackle problems at the interface of chemical biology and cancer epigenetics using a diverse array of techniques not limited to any given discipline. We are committed to building an exciting, collaborative, and supportive environment.

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS: Candidates with expertise in the areas of cell and molecular biology, cancer biology, chemical biology, functional genomics, and organic synthesis are encouraged to apply. In particular, we are currently looking for a talented organic chemist interested in pursuing postdoctoral research at the interface of synthetic chemistry and biology. Familiarity and/or training in any aspect of chemical biology is a plus but not required. This postdoc position would involve synthesis of natural product derivatives and their application to investigate biochemical and cellular systems. Enthusiasm to learn biology as well as work with and mentor others are essentials. Please send a 1-page cover letter, CV, and 1-page summary of scientific research as a single PDF file to Rebecca Stillo, email below.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Graduate students interested in rotating should contact Brian directly by email. Students from any of the programs affiliated with Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) may join, including Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB); Chemical Biology (CB); Molecules, Cells, and Organisms (MCO); and Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS).

UNDERGRADUATES: Undergraduates interested in research can contact Brian directly by email.

Contact Information

Professor Brian B. Liau
Principal Investigator
Converse Lab 204
Harvard University
Phone: 617.495.6604
liau (at) chemistry (dot) harvard (dot) edu
Rebecca Stillo
Laboratory Administrator
Converse Lab 204
Harvard University
Phone: 617.496.6501; Fax: 617.496.8709
rstillo (at) fas (dot) harvard (dot) edu