Chemical Biology

Chemical synthesis and tool development for functional genomics.

Chromatin biology

Investigating mechanisms of chromatin and gene regulation.


Cell & Cancer biology

Discovery and elucidation of cancer dependencies and mechanisms.

We are a startup at the interface of chemistry and cancer epigenetics. Our central goal is to develop novel chemical biology approaches to illuminate molecular mechanisms in epigenetics and gene regulation, while exploring the promise of chromatin regulators as therapeutic targets for cancer.


Recent Happenings

February, 2018

We welcome to the group, Pallavi Gosavi as a postdoctoral fellow! She has recently completed her PhD under the guidance of Professor Ivan Korendovych at Syracuse University.

December, 2017

We are pleased to welcome Yumi Koga, a first-year graduate student from CCB onto our team!

November, 2017

Ally Freedy, an MD-PhD student from the Chemical Biology program has joined the lab. Welcome, Ally! Ben Senzer, a Sophomore in Harvard College has also joined us as an undergraduate researcher.

June, 2017

We welcome Eric Zhou to the lab, who has joined us as an undergraduate researcher.

December, 2016

The lab has taken on five first-year graduate students from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology!

September, 2016

The lab is growing: Yongho Park (YP) joins us as a postdoctoral fellow from Eric Jacobsen's lab and Christopher Johnny joins us as an undergraduate researcher.

August, 2016

Our temporary lab space is up and running on the third floor of Converse Lab! We also recently welcomed Cindy Su to the group, who joined late last month as a research technician.