Brian Liau, Ph.D.

Eric Zhou, Undergraduate Student

When Eric took his first biology class in high school, he did his final project on regulatory loops in chromatin and told his teacher that, if he became a scientist, he'd want to design an inner-nucleus mini-camera that would collect data for a holographic map of 3D interactions in DNA.

Little did he know that in four years, his teenage dreams would come true. Although technology isn't quite so advanced yet, he now works with Allison Siegenfeld and Shelby Roseman on developing this technology. Using localized reactive chemical species and microscopy, he works to develop better tools to probe higher-order chromatin structure.

Outside of lab, he is probably best described as a renaissance man, albeit an anachronistic one. During school vacations, he works as a part-time bioinformatician for EpigenDx, an epigenomics company based in Hopkinton, MA. He also concentrates in English and Comparative Literature, pursuing his current passions in science, poetry and piano.

eyzhou (at) college (dot) harvard (dot) edu