Fall 2018 retrospective

Happy New Year from the Liau Lab! It’s been quiet in the lab the past few weeks, but we’re starting to get into the gear of the new year. In the spirit, however, of holiday season reflection (and since a blog post is severely overdue!) we’ll be taking a look at some of the highlights of fall 2018. Buckle in, cause it’s gonna be a long ride.

First up, the Mid-Autumn Festival! The group celebrated with some tea and mooncakes, courtesy of Cindy.

180925 midautumn1.JPG
180925 midautumn2.JPG

Not too long after that came another reason to celebrate, when Ally passed her preliminary qualifying exam! Congratulations, Ally!

181101 ally quals.JPG

Speaking of celebrations, we all got more than our fair share of cake with all the birthdays happening in the fall…

For Thanksgiving, Brian graciously welcomed us to his home for a potluck party. As with all potlucks, the quality of the experience is only as good as the quality of cooking your guests can achieve, but luckily for us, we have lots of talented chefs in our lab!

181112 potluck2.JPG

Warning: don’t view the following slideshow on an empty stomach…

181207 illumina.JPG

…it was a fun night. Of course, in addition to all this eating, we did manage to get some work done. Our lab loves next-generation sequencing, but it’s not every day that we buy a brand new kit. As Kevin found out, they come packaged in huge boxes. Big boxes for big science, right?


As many of you might know, one big focus of our lab is studying the 3D organization of the genome. It’s not something you think about every day, but how the cell fits 2 meters of DNA inside its nucleus is pretty mindblowing. We got the opportunity to share our science with local students, crafting some interactive displays to help illustrate what we do and why we do it. Thank you to the Harvard Ed Portal, and to Brian, Shelby, and Allison for organizing this!

To close out 2018, we enjoyed a holiday party hosted by Brian, where we once again ate plenty of food. Highlights of the evening included a 2018 year-in-review slideshow, as well as a rousing game of white elephant. Here are some highlights from the evening:

And here we are, at the beginning of another year. As we all try to shake off the holiday stupor and get back to work, one thing’s for certain: the new year has much more food in store. After all, we are the Liau Lab.


And with that, thanks for reading! We’re looking forward to some exciting stuff in 2019, and we can’t wait to share it. Until next time :)

Hello there fall!

Charging head first into the new year. It's been a while since our last blog post, but that's not to say the last few weeks haven't been eventful. Besides running experiments, making figures, and submitting grants, we've been up to a lot. Check it out below!

With teaching, classes, rotators, and more awaiting at the start of the academic year, the lab celebrated the waning summer days with a trip out of Cambridge to get dim sum and boba. Despite the challenge of identifying vegetarian-friendly items (not trivial when it comes to Chinese food), we all left with full stomachs. It was even some people's first time trying boba!


As August turned into September, we had another festive occasion: Amanda's birthday! Since she's not a huge fan of cake, Brian bought some pies from a local bakery, Petsi Pies, to help celebrate.


Now that the academic year has begun, we're all steeling ourselves for a busy semester. Recently, posters have been popping up around the chemistry department advertising the fall open houses for different labs. Ours is still quite a while away, but we couldn't resist pinning up some posters in the meantime. We'll leave you with our teaser:

ocean's eleven LIAU LAB FINAL-01.png