Brian Liau, Ph.D.

Ally Freedy | Ally grew up in Clearwater, Florida. She received her BA in Chemistry from Harvard College, class of 2014. During her undergraduate studies, she did research with Professor Stuart Schreiber where they worked to determine the mechanism of a novel Class IIa specific HDAC inhibitor. In 2015, she earned a MPhil in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge (as a Gates Cambridge Scholar) where she worked with Professor Gonçalo Bernardes on the development novel reactions to  modify proteins. These reactions are aimed at developing novel antibody drug conjugates. 

Ally is currently a MD PhD student at the Harvard MIT MD PhD Program. She is doing her MD in the Health Sciences and Technology program (HST) at Harvard Medical School and my PhD in the Chemical Biology program at Harvard. She is currently funded by the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at HMS.

Ally loves Broadway musicals; she even has a collection of playbills from the various musicals she has attended over the years.